Great Eastern Investment Fund LLC

Great Eastern Investment Fund LLC combines a unique medium of professional acquisition and marketing survey managers, licensed, independent mortgage consultants and talented creative staff. We connect with brokers and expert agents worldwide, to ensure a plan that is creative, flexible and powerful to meet your needs as a borrower.

What we do

Bridge Loans

Bridge Loans are used by Real Estate borrowers who are able to quickly pay back the money borrowed. The idea behind this loan, is to allow for a quick flow of cash to the borrower for a short period of time, and repay it shortly thereafter.

Construction Loans

At Great Eastern Investment Fund we understand that different construction projects can cause unique situations. We pride ourselves on developing proposals that reflect a creative approach and understanding to your circumstances.

Commercial Loans

Many lending institutions fail to see the potential in your deal and turn down mortgages for very viable business models. Great Eastern has a team of commercial mortgage lenders catering to industrial and commercial projects – including large construction deals.


Refinance loans

Our loans can be used to cover many projects, such as raw land, manufacturing and processing plants, automotive services properties, restaurants, commercial buildings, development, retirement homes, single or multi-family housing and various other applications to be determined on a case by case basis.

Renovation Loans

Loans for Renovation or Repositioning are similar in design to Construction Loans. They, however, often tend to be smaller in nature and are used for shorter term projects than construction loans. At Great Eastern Investment Fund, our staff are experts at finding the perfect loan that meets your criteria.

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